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 SKB Corporation started as a musical case manufacturer with only one major client, Fender Guitars. To eliminate a manufacturing slow-down when the music industry slowed, SKB began searching for additional industries to service. They came across the telecommunications industry that was booming at the time, and developed polyethylene cases for a cabling company. 

In 1990 while searching for additional industries to produce cases for, rifle owners in Montana were looking for a better rifle case to travel with. They were purchasing SKB Keyboard cases from the music stores and taking the interiors out to add their own foam to protect their guns while flying to destination hunts. "If gun enthusiasts were willing to buy a keyboard case and tear it apart to make a better gun case", SKB would diversify and develop the best rifle case they could", stated Dave Sanderson. They soon realized that archery and golf markets presented an even larger market and by the end of 1990 SKB had expanded into the sporting goods market with 170 employees building more than a million dollars' worth of cases per month, including 8000 golf cases alone.