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Custom Pelican Foam: A Cost-Effective Solution for Superior Protection

Custom Pelican Foam: A Cost-Effective Solution for Superior Protection

Pelican cases are known for providing one of the best safety to the tools or products that are added to them. Those who do not want to put their delicate or expensive items at any kind of risk, prefer using pelican cases for the best safety. But when using a pelican case for the safety of the tools or products, you also have to make sure that your pelican case is good enough to provide you with the safety you desire.

Pelican cases are usually considered useless until they do not include a good pelican foam. Pelican case owners have to make sure their pelican case includes custom pelican foam. Adding a custom pelican foam to your pelican case helps you keep your tools/products organized and safe. The safety and other features of pelican foams make them a cost-effective solution for superior protection. Some common reasons why custom pelican foam is considered a cost-effective solution for superior protection of various products and equipment are listed below.


Pelican foam inserts are designed to be shock-absorbent. This unique feature of the foams not only just makes them unique but also good enough to absorb the impact of any sudden shocks during transport. When a pelican case is dropped or jostled during transit, the pelican foam absorbs the energy of the impact as well as distributes it evenly across the surface area of the item. A high-quality customized pelican foam insert reduces the risk of damage to fragile or delicate items. With this, these inserts turn out to be perfect for glassware, electronics, and artwork, resulting in significant cost savings for businesses.

Customized Protection

Ordering a custom pelican foam insert helps you get a foam insert that is specifically designed and cut to fit the size as well as the shape of the items you want to protect. No matter whether you need pelican foam for a gadget or your tools, customizing pelican foam helps you prevent the movement of the insides during travel or transport. This also helps you ensure that there is no wasted space and that your item is held securely in place.

Protection From Environmental Factors

Another thing that makes custom pelican foam a cost-effective solution for superior protection of products and equipment is its ability to resist damage from different environmental factors such as moisture and temperature fluctuations, and much more. Pelican foam is made from a closed-cell polyurethane material that is non-reactive to water, so it won't absorb moisture and become damaged over time. Along with this, the foam is resistant to temperature extremes, so it won't become brittle or break down when exposed to hot or cold temperatures.


Pelican foams are highly durable and can be reused multiple times. Unlike disposable packing materials like bubble wrap, these foam inserts can be removed from their container and reused to protect the same or similar items in the future. Using a customized tool box foam for your toolbox, drawer, or pelican case helps you save money on packing materials. This also helps businesses save on the cost of replacing packing materials for every shipment, making pelican foams a cost-effective solution.

Make Your Pelican Case More Safe With Custom Pelican Foam

Custom pelican foam is a cost-effective solution to make a pelican case and a tool drawer more effective in terms of safety. The foam inserts help you add more safety to your case. We offer pelican foam customization services so you can prevent your items from movement and damage. Contact us today to know more about our high-quality pelican foams.

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