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Much better than regular foam

Overall I am pleased with the insert. I did find that when I mix guns with a double stack magazine and 1911s, the slots don’t adopt the shape of the gun too well and the gun slots get tighter. Alternating the fore and backward helped this problem. Bottom line this is far better option for the case. I’ll live with the minor inconvenience.

Better than Pick n Pluck

Gives a much better looking finished cut out than the Pick n Pluck. I used an electric kitchen knife to cut after marking the outline. Great company to deal with.

Quality workmanship

Excellent fit and quality. Could not be more pleased with the craftsmanship. Would definitely recommend.

Good replacement for the original factory foam.

Given the low price (compared to factory) I wasn't expecting the quality of this foam insert set to be very high. Great surprise that it is as good as factory and same density. The fit isn't perfect but a little bit of compressing got the pieces in the case. Still have to cut out clearance for the lock and the "strut" that keeps the case halves open but that's a quick and easy job. I would definitely recommend Cobra Foam and will buy from them when my other two cases need new inserts.

MK12Mod1 SOPMOD deployment case

I’ve been wanting to build a replica MK12MOD1 deployment case, and this pre cut foam is everything i expected to be and more. Just world class quality and too notch service!! Happy customer from halfway around the world. RECCE rifleman from Indonesia

Custom cut from my CAD file

I normally don't do these reviews, but felt I had to because this case came out awesome! I contacted the folks at Cobra Customs and ask them if I drew a file in AutoCAD (dxf) could they cut me a custom foam from my file. I took 3 evenings laying out my equipment and precisely measuring and drawing an outline of it in the CAD program, I'm very picky. I outlined every part, of every piece until I had it perfect. Now could Cobra Customs deliver, and deliver they did! They laser cut the foam glued it in and delivered a beautiful case that I will have for a lifetime. I'm now doing another build, and of course it will be protected by a Pelican with Cobra Custom Foam.
To Cobra Custom: Thanks for delivering

Good quality; Imperfect sizing

The foam is good, but it was slightly oversized and had to be trimmed.

Works as deaigned

Ordered my case - no foam
Ordered my foam - perfect fit and rifles are safe and snug. Will definitely be using Cobra in the future.

Perfect fit

Fit case perfectly! Guns are secured and easily accessible when needed.


Right foam density, and solid fitment.

Had to cut to modify for my pistol lights, but keeps all pistols tight.

I really like how cobra uses diff density foams depending on application.

Thanks guys.

Product met expectations. The material was cut to the correct size. The material is sufficiently dense to hold contents in place.

Great Product & Service

All I had to do was email the make and model and Cobra sent me perfectly cut foam for my v200 case. Very pleased, glad I found your inserts before I butchered the foam on my own.

Great foam!

Nice sturdy foam, cuts well, perfect fit in the Plano case as advertised!

5 gun foam insert for Apache 3800

Awesome foam insert!!

Cutouts for handguns are precise. If you have a handgun with an overall barrel length of 5 inches, it might not fit well into the case. Comes with 8 cutouts for magazines and if you are not utilizing one of the handgun slots, you can use that space for your mags. Foam insert is sturdy and much more durable than the original foam that came in the Apache case.

One more thing, any handguns with a magwell or handguns that uses a double stack mag, it will be a very tight fit. Looking forward to a future purchase for another foam insert.

Perfect Fit

Came just in time for Christmas. Phew. 12/24. My husband loves this foam insert. Fits his gun perfectly. Quality foam insert.

Awesome work

Had custom foam for both my shotgun and handgun with clips and could not be happier.

As the Pelican Storm case when ordering was a picture of the original Colt-Storm case in green with "Colt" on the lid, I expected to receive exactly that, the storm case I got was neural black. Otherwise delivery was prompt, the case otherwise correct prepared.Thanks a lot.

Plano Case

I’d say 4 1/2 stars and not 5 only because insert did not have notches for the protrusions inside the case where the handle is. I had to use a razor knife and drill to notch out so the insert would fit in perfectly. A router would probably also work. Other than that, it’s great. I like this over other similar cases because the guns sit on an angle which allows all my pistols with red dot optics to fit.

Best Foam Insert

Did an amazing job and it’s absolutely perfect for my rifle!! Will be ordering another for my Glocks!!

Great product

A very good upgrade to the factory foam that comes with the Plano case should add more protection and no more of that unprofessional looking pluck and pull foam


Fits both camera cases perfectly. Wish I’d have planned ahead for laser cut but will do my best with an electric carving knife.

Well made and cost effective!

I had purchased a wire foam cutter with the intent of building my own custom case. When I started pricing out just the foam, it was not much more to go ahead and get this insert. I did slightly modify this to fit a Taurus judge and my subcompact pistols. It was a great way to accomplish my goal. VERY satisfied.

zero halliburton case

Very pleased and satisfied with this product. No trimming needed and fit very tight in the case. It was a perfect fit and would definitely purchase again. Thanks !!

best in the game

If you are looking for custom foam for your case, look no further! I ordered the custom foam for my father's beloved 30 yr old gun case and cobra foam hit it out of the park. I will do more business with cobra foam due to their professionalism, superb customer service, and outstanding product.