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The gun fit pretty well but the lid foam was so thick that I would have to sit on the case to get it to close. I used the original lid foam (from the original case)and it worked OK.

Incredibly impressed

I ordered this custom cut insert for a Pelican 1600 case. Fit is excellent, dropped in with resistance which is fantastic and now hold my entire SIRT training package. Very impressed with the construction and fit. I will be back again very soon for another project.

Pelican V800 Ruger Precision Rifle Foam Only Insert

Very satisfied with this purchase. Shipped securely, and fit my RPR very well.

Worth every penny

I was skeptical at first but after receiving my case, I'm extremely happy. My shield fits snug and the foam is really solid. The firearm cutout fits the shield with up to a 7 round mag and the 2 mag cutouts are made for 6 round mags. If you have 7 round mags, you'd have to do some modifications. Attached are photos of the fit of a 6 round mag vs 7 round. After seeing the quality of their work, I'll continue to buy cases from this company. Thank you for being a legit company and not letting me down.

Watch Case for 18 watches

This item is super high quality and excellently thought out , however the watch pillows are WAY too small unless you are collecting Ladies watches then this item is PERFECT


Will be ordering more.

Pelican 1700 foam

Got the foam kit for a Pelican 1700 case. Great fit.

According to specifications

Shipping was as planned. Good package. Very nice products

Very Happy

I bought my Apache case and it came with the cubed foam. The foam lasted one trip through an inspection at the airport the first time I used it. I found this company and they had the exact foam cutouts for my Apache case that was solid foam. It was amazing. They fit perfectly and my equip is much more secure with the solid foam inserts by Cobra. Thank you Cobra for your craftmanship and quality foam!


Good product, fair price, quick delivery.

Fits Perfectly

I actually changed my order and had this cut for a Plano case instead of a Pelican. Initially I didn't this could be done. The Cobra people were accommodating. It came out great, fits the M2 perfectly. Highly recommend, especially when a fine firearm is purchased and doesn't come with a case.

Pretty Good

I wondered how accurate they could be from a photo and a couple dimensions, but taking that into consideration they were pretty close. All the items fit though some of them had to be forced in because the slots were not long enough, but with a little freehand trimming I was able to get everything to fit nicely.


Sadly, a flawless transaction has become noteworthy so here ya go:
It was exactly what they said it was
It arrived when they said it would
It fits exactly like it should.


Excellent work

As usual Liram pulls off a great build!!

Foamy goodness

I ordered these foam inserts for a pelican case 1750 and they fit like a glove. They are the same grade as foam as what was in the case and I'm using this for firearm cutout. Would buy again!

New Life to an old case

Exact replacement for a vintage case. Makes a 35 year old Halliburton case functionally new. Not cheap but a great value.

Great replacement insert foam

Had to order a replacement foam for my rifle case and this foam was great. Fit perfectly and was fairly easy to cut. Thank you and will be sure to order another on the future.

Excellent work

I am a return customer and I very pleased with the work done at Cobra Foam Liram is a seasoned professional

Great replacement

Got this to replace the pull&pluck insert that originally came with the case, this insert was great to replace it so now I can put different firearms in the case now.


Great quality! The only "issue" with my M17 Commemorative is that the charger slots are based on 17 rounds magazine, therefore not compatible with the two 21 rounds magazine coming with the M17 Commemorative Edition.
Also, it would be great to have a version with the space for a red dot sight.

Amazing quality

First the ordering process was a piece of cake, communication from Cobra was excellent!! Product was precision fit and I couldn’t be any happier will buy again!!

Starlight renew

Very fast shipping perfect fit I will definitely use cobra for all my foam needs


Fits case perfect and rifle is nice and snug.

Exactly what I wanted!

What I ordered/wanted was what I got. Thanks!