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Great replacement

Good as the original foam in my pelican cases.

Replacement foam inserts for zero Halliburton case :49.5 x 14.5 inch - Has never been shipped to my mailing address yet . Please check your records and let me know . Thank you

Strong Glue Smell

Not going to use due to toxic outgassing. The stock Pelican foam .. though not as nice as a pre-cut insert .. has much less outgassing. Suggest company investigate less toxic options for bonding.

The item was probably packed rigth aafter being glued so the smwell stayed with it. I should go away after a short time. We can send you a replacement if it does not.

Storm 2720

Arrived in perfect condition and fit precisely in my case. Was cheaper than all other distributors. I'm very pleased and will use Cobra for all my foam needs in the future.

Nice foam

Very happy with how it fits in the Apache case. Mag slots are a little tight for double stack mags causing some bulging when inserted, but trade off is for the good retention the slots offer. All my full size pews fit even with threaded barrels.

Well worth the upgrade...

I have a tendency of having at least two uppers for every lower and it was time for my AR pistol to get its own case. I already had a plano case that I'd tried to pick & pluck too many times and decided to try the upgraded polyethylene option. It was well worth the extra cost!
The foam is perfectly straight and a consistent thicknesses. No big bubbles or defects at all. Cutting it with a box cutter and some patience is all you need as long as you've planned it out. I used some masking tape but chalk works just fine.
If you have a rotary tool like a Dremel you can use any of the sanding bits, I used the round pink stone grinding bit, to make perfectly round holes for rounded corners or finger holes.
Also, a lot of cases have a bevel, not a 90° bend at the corner. You'll have to cut that if you want the foam to fit well. Not easy to cut but take your time, it's on the bottom so you probably won't see it once it's in.
Anyway, it's not perfect, but it turned out great and will keep everything protected, bouncing around the back of my truck...

Glock Perfection

Foam insert is perfect. Looks great. Very high quality. Can’t imagine a better case or foam insert.


Excellent product. Strong. The oval inserts for the watches themselves are too soft. Aftermarket products are the answer. Regardless, solid......

Well-designed foam set for pistols/mags

Perfect fit for the case, and provides great protection for 1911-sized pistols. Far superior foam to the original foam insets for this case. Very happy with this setup!

Perfect Fit

This custom foam insert is ideal in two ways. In addition to the exact fit of the pistol and magazines, it is a perfect size for the box the pistol came in. I wasn't sure if a case would be
necessary, but fitting to the box solved the potential issue. Completely satisfied with this product.

Pluck Foam No More!

Hands down the best foam replacement for hard-sided pelican-type cases. I bought this to replace the foam in my pelican 1720 and it beats all expectations. Solid, closed cell foam cuts easy and looks great once finished. Easy to cut and cheap enough that I will be buying more inserts to allow multiple case configurations.

TLDR: Great replacement foam, buy it now

Perfect fit!

My new Cobra foam insert for the Pelican case 1450, was a perfect fit. Holds my revolver and 4 pistols nicely, along with the magazines.

Awesome Product

Great that they even offer replacement foam.. allows me to swap optics and parts with foam pieces! Great work Cobra!


Rifle fits great inside the cut out, nice and sturdy foam too. Thank you for the quality work.

The Perfect Fit

Sometimes the pick and pluck foam just won't cut it. This product allowed for precise and detailed cutout using an electric carving knife.

Great Fit, Slow delivery

The foam insert fits perfectly. However, the delivery time was way too long. Once given the tracking number, I tried to follow the Fed Ex tracking site. However, after a week, Fed ex had not received the package for shipment. I called the company to check on my order, and after numerous attempts someone finally answered. They were very polite and contacted shipping to send another insert. After about a week It finally arrived.
From order time to delivery, it took approx. 3 weeks.

Hopefully, this is not the norm. I plan on buying another insert for some of my rifles.

Great product

Fast shipping. Foam fit perfectly. Plenty of room for four handguns mags and ammo. Perfect range box foam.

Awesome Product

My second purchase from Cobra. I was so impressed with the first one, there was no question about calling them again. It's just such a nice layout and everything is nice and snug, removes any worry about things shifting or getting damaged.

Nice foam.

It's very very tight in my apache 5800 and will have to trim out where the wheels are inside the case. But I'd rather trim down than be too loose.

Perfect Cut Out!

Cobra Foam Inserts did a great job cutting out the foam for my new S&W. I did the original cut out for my Pelican 1200 case and I kind of butchered it. I found Cobra Inserts and ordered it up and a short time later I had the perfect fit! Thanks Cobra Inserts!!

It is a perfect fit.I would definitely recommend this

9800 Foam Insert

perfect fit, so much better than the flimsy pick and pull insert that falls apart the first time you pull your equipment out! Great product!