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Excellent quality and bang for the buck

Great set and quick delivery. The foam is dense and holds my tools in place. I accidentally ordered the wrong size and having seen the quality from the 3800 case foam, I ordered a second for the 4800 case. I gave the 3800 with the Cobra foam as a gift to a friend and he loves it.

Totally recommend this and will be getting more for other cases I have.


Shipped quickly and fitted the case perfectly

Awesome Foam Insert for my pistols

Great product that fit perfectly with my Apache 3800. Holds my pistols and magazines with ease and looks really cool when showing off to my friends. Would buy from again if I end up getting a different case that I need foam for.

Fits like a glove

Great replacement foam, one thing I did notice is that the foam is a bit firmer than the original foam that comes with the case, but nevertheless it works just fine, idk why , but my particular foam had holes in it, not all the way through and they weren’t big holes, maybe it is how the foam is fed into the machine that forms and cuts it to size,overall I am happy with this purchase.
Thank you

Custom Pelican foam insert

The insert fits my case perfectly and is made from high quality foam. I sent a few pictures and an overall length and they were able to make the perfect insert for my Colt CR6920

Great fit

Just purchased my G3 and was looking for an insert that it would fit in with no compromise. Love the fit and the mags slide in and out with some friction to keep it in place. The 17rd mag was a little bigger then the the 10 15 rd mag but it still went it with little force.

That's it!

Exactly what I was looking for. Without the tools or patience, I would have never had this done so well on my own.

Thanks very much. 5 stars

Great Product

The insert is a little pricey but the quality is worth it. Very happy with the insert. It was a perfect fit.

Finally, Replacement Foam

Finally, replacement foam for my Starlight case. Exact fit. Perfect for having multiple rifles. Highly recommended. Use an electric carving knife to cut.

Fits like a glove

My firearm has changed a lot over the last few years, and I was shopping for some replacement pull-apart foam, for my Apache 3800 hard case. While shopping on the Cobra site, I came across this pre-cut insert for my Apache. Most places only carry stuff for Pelican, but Cobra carries replacements for Apache too! Very unexpected and very much welcomed!!! Anyway, I ordered it right away and I couldn't be happier! This insert fits like a glove, and even came with replacement lid foam (which I was not expecting). Now no matter how much my collection changes, my case will be ready for it!


Took a while to deliver due to how the world is today but it was worth it

As described

Great product and service. Very pleased. Ordering now for a 2 gun case!

Pelican 1550 replacement foam

Excellent replacement for my pelican 1550 such that I will be ordering more

Foam inserts

The inserts fit perfectly and we’re exactly as described I would definitely buy from cobra foam inserts again


Great foam and helpful customer service. Thanks


Replacement foam was better than the original - Will be ordering from Cobra in the future for all my other cases.

Great Quality & Perfect Fit

Package came in relatively quick considering I didn’t get a precut version. The foam inserts fit perfectly in my case and it works perfectly. I know the site seems a little sketchy but i was willing to take the risk since it was the cheapest foam online I could find. It took around 5 business days to get to me and I am very satisfied.

Apache 3800 Insert

The foam insert for my Apache 3800 case fit perfectly well. I'm pleased with the result.


Got exactly what I ordered, faster than expected. Cut extremely easily and holds well

Great Quality

It's foam, how great can it be. It's alot nicer that the pluck-n-play, definitely happy with the foam, nice snug fit. I do wish I went the custom route option but wasn't sure of my case layout. Would buy again. Arrived on time and low shipping cost.