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Great case for M4

Solid....strong....protected....easy to customize.

Great product

I’m so glad I finally bought this. I have been looking at it for awhile now and I’m not disappointed. Will be buying more.

Don't Bother with the Pick'n'Pull Foam

All I can see is it's a nice idea and makes for a pretty display, but other than that, I haven't had much luck with the pick'n'pull blocks. The item(s) I transport always end up sliding under the top layer and are only held in check by the inner sides of the case itself ... even after using spray adhesive. This replacement convoluted Cobra Foam fits the Apache 9800 very well and helps to hold even my heaviest and most bulky item(s) securely, the same as any other hard case I've ever had. I don't know how this foam will deteriorate over time; if it should last as long as the cases it is replacing, I can look forward to about 40 years of service. Long enough to where it really won't matter much to me. Don't fool with the pick'n'pull blocks or else plan on ordering a Cobra Foam replacement.

Best foam insert ever

It's foam and it fits

Nice size, easily milled

Loved the foam - it was perfect for my application. It milled perfectly and is ready to protect these items from damage as they are shipped between locations where I need it.

Great stuff! Used it to convert my 1520 to pistol case.

Nice quality foam which cuts easy. Purchased these to convert my Pelican 1520 case into a pistol case. I didn't like the 4"+ thick "pick-n-pull" foam, so now I have the ability to use a couple different combinations of foam with a couple different cut-outs for different pistols. Have bought from Cobra a few times now, and their foam is good stuff!

1750 case


The foam fit my case perfectly, it’s a very nice and high quality piece……except I really messed it up ( in my opinion) when I cut it, so you boys are going to cut me another one so I don’t get laughed off the range.

Talk to you soon,


Other pelican cases

Can you guys please do this with the pelican v770 case i can't find any online

Better than I expected

Much MUCH higher quality than the pluck-n-pull that came with the case. Cuts good, and I'm happy with it overall.
Just a note, certain sealants can cause it to shrink once it dries. Aerosol Plasti-Dip specifically. Gorilla Seal and Flex Seal work very well with it, though


The product is great I just have not a clue as to cutting I made a mess . I think my case is not big enough and the kel tech 2000 is to close to the edge . My case is a 20 inches and should be 24 , I assume

Great Customer Service

Had an issue with my initial order contacted customer service via email for help. Was asked some questions so they could understand the problem and was immediately resolved and a new order shipped. Perfect! The insert worked exactly as described and I like the finial product. Will recommend this company to my friends.

Perfect fit

Impressed with the quality of work. Very professional.

Apache 9800 hard case foam insert

well I just want to say that this foam insert for the apache 9800 hard case is Way better than the original
foam that was in the case. very easy to cut and after cutting to fit my FX impact m3 I then sprayed the foam with
plastic dip and man is it nice Like others have said on here I give it 10 stars

Great fit but

The foam fits perfectly in the case. My issue is with the ship time. I paid extra for faster shipping they printed the label and it sat there for 3 days before it was shipped. If you decide to get this foam insert don’t pay extra it won’t make a difference it will ship slow just be prepared to wait.


As good if not better than original !!!! Fit is perfect the only problem I have is my cutting skills but has nothing to do with foam !!!!!! LOL !!!!

Does the job

I’m storing a Canik Tp9sfx with stock iron sights (full sized pistol) and extended 21 rd mag in the case. It’s tight in the vertical dimension but does fit and definitely maximizes the space of the case. No chance of fitting a pistol if you have a red dot mounted.


Excellent service and a perfect fit for my Mossberg patriot night train, with a Boyds custom stock!

Best foam inserts…..EVER!!

Product quality exceeded my expectations! Finished and and material is second to none, and was shipped quickly. This is a must have for transporting several guns to the range. I have purchased three different inserts and will continue to add to my collection. If you are looking for foam inserts, look no further and buy from Cobra!!


the new foam works much better than the cube foam that was in the case when purchased.

The foam are perfect fit and good quality. I would re ommand tgem to anyone

Why didn't I get this sooner!

First I would like to say your customer service was great! Second the shipping was fast. In terms of the product: 1. It was wayyy better than I expected 2. Makes going to the range better by cutting down the time because this insert gives me quicker access.
Definitely recommend this insert. It's a game changer.

If it's like a glove!

If you want a case for your gun so for anything cameras this is the place to go. I have a pelican ball 3100 and they made it insert for two of my CCW weapons. Did customer service is outstanding!

Best replacement foam available - Plano or other PnP foams

If you want Pick-n-pluck foam, this is not what you are after. PnP foam is too soft IMHO. I’m putting 8-10 lb items in my cases that need to stay put when traveling and PnP foam doesn’t get it done.
This replacement foam is outstanding in fit and function. It is much firmer than the PnP foam and it allows for a custom fit / cutting to match the items stored in the case and keep them in place and better protected! I highly recommend this foam to anyone looking for a custom fit or just better protection than you get with the stock foam insert!!

Quality Service and Product

My foam inserts, which were custom made, were exactly as ordered and of high quality. I could not be more pleased with the service and product I received.

Great insert!

This insert is very good. They only major gripe I have is the fact that the slots for the pistols are a tad slim. Could be made wider by about 1/8” for better fit of compact and full size pistols. Other than that I have no complaints!