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The Importance of Foam Inserts

How Foam Inserts Can Save You From Frequent and Unnecessary Expenditure

Everyone has something fragile or whose surface they want to always remain sleek. While storing such items is less risky, transporting them to another place might just be your biggest headache. Maybe you’re in the business of selling such products as drones, fancy toys, or electronics, or you’re basically moving house and you’ve got some products of breakable nature to transport as well.

How best can you handle such a situation?

Well, the best bet would be getting ready made or custom foam inserts that fit your product shapes. Whether it’s a gun, microphone, house-ware or other expensive electronics, there is definitely a foam insert that fits the bill. And where you can’t find a fitting one, custom foam inserts will get the job done.

Foam inserts have been around for a while, and they’ve helped individuals and companies save loads of money that could otherwise be spent on replacements or repairs.

Where can you get these foam inserts?

Don’t worry! There are many companies that supply foam inserts both in wholesale and retail packages. However, as you may have already known, not all foam inserts are the same. Different companies use different materials, either of superior or inferior quality. What that means is that you’ll need to carry out some little research to establish which company would address your needs both in shape and quality.

Of course you wouldn’t want to store or transport a product expecting that it’d be safe only to realize that it got broken because the quality of the foam insert you used wasn’t good enough. This could be costly, financially or otherwise. Think of a case where you’re bearing the risk of sending a given product to a customer; if it gets broken along the way, you’d be left with no option but to replace it.

One of the companies that will give you top quality foam inserts is Cobra Foam Inserts. The company has a reputation for supplying foam inserts that adhere to the strictest of standards. From ready to use to custom foam inserts, Cobra Foam Inserts has it all. Whether you’re looking for custom foam inserts, custom cut foam inserts, custom case foam to replacement foam inserts, the company got you covered.

While there are many products of the same shape that can be easily transported using standard foam inserts, there are equally a great number that require nothing less than custom foam cuts. Should you be having such a product, the company you choose to work with must be in a position to deliver with unquestionable precision as wrong shapes and sizes are likely to either cause damage to the foam itself or risk positioning the product in such a way that it may end up getting damaged. Moreover, if you already have your case, the foam insert you purchase should be one that fits in smoothly.

That's why the company you settle on should be one that possesses CAD/CAM expertise and Computer Numerical Control foam cutting technology. With such capability coupled with great workmanship, the foam inserts they deliver to the customer will meet the exact customer specifications.

Why is this so important? Not all products have strong build, meaning their fitting in the pockets is key. Maybe you want to transport such drones as DJI Phantom 4, DJI Inspire or DJI Mavic; in such a case, precision and quality cannot be traded for anything else.



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