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Plano 42" All Weather Tactical Case 108421 Replacement Foam Insert (1 Piece)

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1   piece   -  Replacement foam for   Plano case 108421 Product Description:  Replacement foam insert for   Plano case 108421 Includes : 1  Piece - 2.50" Thick Solid Pads - (Not Pick N' Pluck)  

Overview : Polyurethane foam is the most common type of foam used in cases. The foam is soft enough to provide flexibility for items, but also dense enough to provide cushion for even the heaviest of items. Technical : Polyurethane is open cell which means air and water can flow freely throughout the foam. The material weighs about 1.2 - 1.3 lbs per cubic foot.


REPLACEMENT FOAM INSERTS BY COBRA FOAM  - manufactured locally, specifically for protective cases.
TOP QUALITY POLYURETHANE FOAM  - The foam is soft enough to provide flexibility for items, but also dense enough to provide cushion for even the heaviest of items.
FITS  PLANO CASE 108421 - All inserts are cut to factory specs by computerized CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines to insure a proper and snug fit.
*Orders placed before 3:00  O'clock  P.M. PST will be shipped out the same day.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Exactly what I hoped it would be

This foam fit perfectly and was exactly as advertised. Cut easily with an electric knife and has held its form. Far better quality than the foam that came with the case originally.

Benjamin K.
Well worth the upgrade...

I have a tendency of having at least two uppers for every lower and it was time for my AR pistol to get its own case. I already had a plano case that I'd tried to pick & pluck too many times and decided to try the upgraded polyethylene option. It was well worth the extra cost!
The foam is perfectly straight and a consistent thicknesses. No big bubbles or defects at all. Cutting it with a box cutter and some patience is all you need as long as you've planned it out. I used some masking tape but chalk works just fine.
If you have a rotary tool like a Dremel you can use any of the sanding bits, I used the round pink stone grinding bit, to make perfectly round holes for rounded corners or finger holes.
Also, a lot of cases have a bevel, not a 90° bend at the corner. You'll have to cut that if you want the foam to fit well. Not easy to cut but take your time, it's on the bottom so you probably won't see it once it's in.
Anyway, it's not perfect, but it turned out great and will keep everything protected, bouncing around the back of my truck...

D S.

Easy to order. Perfect fit. Arrived quickly. Easy to cut out the necessary shapes.

Roger R.
Foam Replacement

Great replacement product for the existing one I have and fit perfectly to my case. The shipping might have taken longer than I expected but I eventually got it.

Terry P.
Nice liner for a hard case

The denseness of the foam is perfect. It's a little tough to cut nicely, and insert is a tad to big so case lid dont close right. Have to trim to fit. But overall I like this insert.