Elkton Outdoors Range Case Foam Insert for 5 Handguns and Magazines (FOAM ONLY)

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Elkton Outdoors Range Case Foam foam insert with cutouts for 5 handguns and magazines 14.75" x 10.25"
Includes: Foam Insert Only
This insert is made of closed cell polyethylene foam. This foam is much more forgiving and will absorb more impact.

1 Piece Convoluted Lid Foam.
1 Piece approximately 3.40" Thick with drone cutout. (Made of 2 Layers)
1 Piece .50 thick base pad.

We can also custom make you an insert for your one off case.
If you would like to get more information, please email us with your info at Contact Us.

Customer Reviews

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Great Foam

Due to my own error this didn’t fit my elkton case exactly, but not to worry!! I had some extra foam laying around and just in-laid the cobra foam insert inside of the original foam and it worked like a charm! Nice and organized case with a clean look and somewhat custom (because I’m bad with measuring).
Great product, would definitely order from them again.