When Purchasing an insert, you can choose our Flat Rate Cutting option to precisely, custom cut anything in your foam for a flat fee of $59.95 per layer. All we need is a picture of your items and we do the rest. We use our computerized CNC laser cutter to precisely cut your items for a snug fit. Take advantage of this LIMITED TIME OFFER.
How To:
1. Add this item to you cart.
2. Find the foam insert you are looking for and add it to your cart. You can use our search bar on the top.
2a. We recommend you add our adhesive option to your custom cut order. HERE
3. Checkout.
4. Upon receipt of your order confirmation email, please respond with a photo of the items need cutting in the layout you prefer.
5. You will receive a confirmation email form us saying we are all good or if anything else is needed.
6. You can always use our Live Chat feature on the bottom right corner if you have any questions or of course, email us anytime to info@cobrafoaminserts.com

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Michael H.
Custom Pelican foam insert

The insert fits my case perfectly and is made from high quality foam. I sent a few pictures and an overall length and they were able to make the perfect insert for my Colt CR6920

That's it!

Exactly what I was looking for. Without the tools or patience, I would have never had this done so well on my own.

Thanks very much. 5 stars

Kenneth D.
As described

Great product and service. Very pleased. Ordering now for a 2 gun case!

Thomas H.
Worth the Extra Money

I have a Sig Sauer M400 with a Vortex Strike Eagle optic and a Crimson Trace Linq laser. I wanted a transport system that was functional, high quality and -- let's be honest -- good looking. I bought a Plano case with the pick-n-pluck. The case was nice, but the pick-n-pluck was ugly. I upgraded to Cobra Foam that I cut-out myself with an electric knife. Better, but still not what I wanted. Finally, I plunked down the extra coin to have Cobra laser-cut a custom polyurethane insert. That's the ticket. It's a little bit more expensive, but it's worth it. The cuts are precise, the product is stiff but with a little bit of play and the ordering process was easy. I took pictures of the layout that I wanted, exchanged a few emails to make sure everything was right and they nailed it. I recommend this product.

Dan C.
Great Customer Support

The custom cut foam was exactly what was ordered. Most importantly, I needed the foam insert for an upcoming hunting trip and I had a fairly quick timeline. The foam insert came well ahead of the timeline and my emails to Cobra were answered promptly. Good follow-through!