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Pelican Air Case 1535 Dual Layer Foam Insert for Computer Tower, Keyboard & Monitor (FOAM ONLY)

Original price $248.54 - Original price $248.54
Original price
$248.54 - $248.54
Current price $248.54

DESCRIPTION: Pelican Air case 1535 foam insert for computer Tower, Keyboard & Monitor

Two levels of custom cut foam Made of closed cell Polyurethane foam

PRODUCT FEATURES: FOAM INSERTS BY COBRA FOAM - manufactured locally, specifically for protective cases.

TOP QUALITY POLYURETHANE FOAM - The foam is soft enough to provide flexibility for items, but also dense enough to provide cushion for even the heaviest of items.

FITS PELICAN AIR CASE 1535 - All inserts are cut to factory specs by computerized CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines to insure a proper and snug fit.