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Pelican Case 1720 Replacement Convoluted Foam Inserts (2 Pieces)

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2 Piece Set
Product Description: We know how much value your precious items have and therefore have always sought out to provide the best quality foam. This foam is locally manufactured by COBRA FOAM in the state of California.
Includes: This item includes 2 Pieces of convoluted foam, each being 2 inches thick. Each layer has rounded corners to ensure a snug fit.
Foam Type: Polyurethane foam is the most common type of foam used in cases. The foam is soft enough to provide flexibility for items, but also dense enough to provide enough cushion for even the heaviest of items.
Overview: Polyurethane is open cell which means air and water can flow freely throughout the foam. The material weighs about 1.2 lbs per cubic foot.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great foam product

I replaced the factory foam in both of my Pelican 1720 and 1750 gun cases with new convoluted foam from Cobra to make them more versatile and I couldn’t be happier! They are a perfect fit and finish so I will soon be ordering new foam inserts for my pistol cases.

Excellent Product

I ordered this product 2 weeks ago, and am very impressed. Processing and shipping were prompt, and the foam quality is excellent.

My only concern was that the foam didn’t fit perfectly into the lid of the case, which led to it falling out and not staying in place when the lid was reopened after being closed. This issue was fixed by putting some double sided Gorilla Tape in the case’s lid. It now works perfectly.

For the bottom of the case, I left in one of Pelican’s factory pieces of foam and placed Cobra’s convoluted foam insert on top of it. The final result is an excellent, snug, and secure fit for whatever is in the case.

I opted for this convoluted foam rather than cutting out the Pelican foam, because it allows the case to be used for a number of different items in many configurations as opposed to having a few cutouts and being limited to just those specific items in one arrangement.

Thanks Cobra team for a great product.

God bless!