Pelican Vault Case V300 Range Case Foam Insert for 6 Handguns and Magazines (POLYETHYLENE Foam)


Pelican Vault Case V300 Range Case for 6 Handguns and Magazines quick draw range case. This insert is made of POLYETHYLENE FOAM
1 Piece Convoluted Lid Foam.
1 Piece approximately 3.40" Thick with drone cutout.
1 Piece .50 thick base pad.

We can also custom make you an insert for your one off case.
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Seems to work fine with smaller Allen trigger locks to fit canadian laws, even though it wasn't designed for trigger locks to be left on.
The foam was a really snug fit in the case.
Longer pistols like the ruger Mk4 won't fit unless you modify the foam yourself.
I bet I could have customized it with them or something but I was lazy and I don't like hassle.. It'll do just fine, it's better than whatever I did with the original foam.

6 pistol foam for v300

Love mine. Foam a little sticky on larger magwells and double stack. Cleand them up and oiled the foam problem solved. It would be nice to have the foam inserts for smaller pistols like my p365. And and option to remove some foam cut out for larger magwells. But I'm being picky. I really love this foam insert


This is my second project with CFI and once again I find myself quite satisfied. No mods needed for the fit and the function is what it is designed to be.

Big ups for Liran for nailing it and mailing it during these challenging times.

What a Great job

This is may second time buying from this company and the workmanship is top notch only the best. Keep up the great job 👍

What I wanted and very happy

Excellent communications
Great product.
Fits all my pistols pefectly.
Thank you