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Order High Quality Foam Inserts For SKB Cases-Cobra Foam Inserts and Cases

Order High Quality Foam Inserts For SKB Cases

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty of SKB case foam inserts, let’s first backtrack a little to the 70's, the genesis of SKB cases. In 1977, SKB started manufacturing cases in small scale in a not so appealing garage in California. But because of their compelling vision and hunger for success, they chose to stay afloat in the trade regardless of market challenges.

That evidently paid off!

Today, SKB ranks among the world’s leading case producers, having penetrated diverse markets in a number of continents, including America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Their cases serve a variety of industries and are available for such products as firearms, guitars, drums, archery accessories, drones, cameras, and more.

Both design and durability are key to SKB; that’s why every of one their original cases is true to these two characteristics. Towards that end, SKB uses indestructible plastic material and aluminium in the making of their cases. They use heavy duty materials that are more forgiving to shock, temperature, environmental factors and chemicals. This is why, besides serving extensively in other sectors, they’ve become the transport choice for many entities, including event organizers, delicate instrument manufacturers, music bands and militaries.

For those who’d like to use their cases for extended period of time, some of the SKB cases come with a "Million Mile Guarantee," an unconditional lifetime guarantee by the company to repair or replace "Million Mile Guarantee" cases for free should they get spoilt in the hands of the user.

SKB is aware that industry standards cannot be sidestepped. Consequently, every SKB case is ATA rated and adhere to the body's specifications for airline transport. The cases are made using different moulding methods, including rotational, injection and vacuum.

And when it comes to giving customers a wide array of choices, SKB doesn’t disappoint; no doubt. In the industrial division alone, they’re already supplying 170 different cases, all availed in varying interior configurations and sizes.

SKB is also responsive to market dynamics and new technologies. This becomes evident whenever they introduce a new product in response to a new product or product design. For example, the company has availed top-tier cases for plasma and flat screens, rolling studio and gig-rig systems, among others in response to market changes. Admittedly, new product designs come up everyday, and a serious company must keep apace with such new entries if they’re to maintain or expand their market share. That’s the essence of SKB’s provision of adjustment or retrofitting of SKB foam inserts and cases as these services help cater for such new products.

Should you, however, be interested in custom SKB case foam insert, simply contact Cobra Foam Inserts.  A company that’s fast becoming the trend setter in the foam inserts industry. Yes, we can confidently say so because foam inserts have been our trade and we’ve mastered the art so much so that we deliver both quality and efficiency at pocket friendly prices.

It doesn't matter the shape of your product, as long as it can fit in your SKB case. We'll customize a foam insert for you. Understanding that your satisfaction is directly linked to our reputation, we go the extra mile to deliver the best to our customers at all times.

Check our SKB replacement foam inserts here.  

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