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Foam Inserts Designed Specifically for Your Pelican Cases-Cobra Foam Inserts and Cases

Foam Inserts Designed Specifically for Your Pelican Cases

It’s incontestable that Pelican Products, Inc. ranks high among the world’s leading and most trusted producers of cases. With over four decades in the industry, coupled with an admirable track record, the company has built a reputation across the globe. Their cases serve for the safe keeping and transportation of a wide array of products, including microchips, cameras, microphones, laptops, mixers and amplifiers, among others.

Pelican cases come in a variety of sizes - micro, small, medium, large and transport cases. The products are airtight and watertight and target individuals, companies, non-profits and militaries.

The only challenge people who purchase Pelican cases face is getting the exact foam inserts for their items. Even though the ester foam inserts shipped with the cases come in the form of Pick N Pluck sets that allow the user to employ DIY to achieve reasonable apertures for their items, it’s somewhat a juggle. Should you be having an item that has an intricate build, achieving fitting apertures might just be a mirage.

Of what value is it to have a rugged Pelican case with no proper foam insert? In case you have a case with no foam insert or if you just want a customized one, Cobra Foam Inserts is your best bet.

Why this specific company?

Cobra Foam Inserts has the expertise, technology and material choices to meet every customer’s needs. Some of the available foam types are convoluted, anti-static, Polyurethane, and Polyethylene foams. We’re insisting on a variety of choices for obvious reasons. To bring one into perspective, we all know that people have different items to store, with some requiring more specialized protection than others. Maybe you would like to store sensitive items such as microchips or circuit boards. In such a case, a material capable of protecting from electrostatic discharge would be ideal. And when transporting medical equipment, cross-linked, chemical resistant foam is the solution.

It doesn’t end with the type of material.  Color matters too. When using your case for tools, for example, having form insert with trays of different colors would make it easier to spot which tools are already packed and which ones are not yet.

Besides having a wide array of choices, durability is something to consider when choosing a Pelican Case foam insert, and Cobra Foam Inserts ensures that quality is delivered to you on every purchase. This quality includes using material and thickness that’s capable of absorbing a little extra shock, as well as having proper insulation and protection from moisture.

From the above points, it’s clear that having a high quality Pelican Case without a complementing quality foam insert is meaningless.

Therefore, your best bet is Cobra Foam Inserts. They boast of highly skilled engineers who spot the much needed surgical dexterity. They begin the process by first analysing your item’s weight, size and fragility, among other physical characteristics.

We cannot conclude this piece without touching on timeliness and customer service. The reason why some people stay away from online retailers is because they don’t want to be kept waiting, especially where the wait appears unnecessary. When you order a Pelican Foam insert from Cobra Foam Inserts, rest  assured that you’ll receive it sooner than later.

As for Cobra Foam Inserts, the engagement with the customer doesn’t end there; they strive to always keep their lines open in case a customer needs some extra information or guidance, understanding that customer service, as well as after sale service, are necessary for customers’ fulfilling use of the Pelican Case foam inserts.

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