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Why You Need Top Quality Foam Inserts for Your DJI Drones-Cobra Foam Inserts and Cases

Why You Need Top Quality Foam Inserts for Your DJI Drones


DJI Phantom Drone DJI Inspire DroneDJI Mavic Drone

Whether drones are here to stay is not a question any more. What we’re seeing are drone manufacturers working aggressively to outsmart one another. From building and construction firms interested in inspecting structures, to individuals who just want to have that exotic aerial view of an undulating landscape, drones have become the order of the day.

One of the companies respected for producing easy-to-fly, light drones is DJI. Their drones are among the most sought after, performing a wide array of tasks, including hunting, aerial photography, spying, fun and more. DJI has released a series of drones that have catapulted them to a position of repute in the drone manufacturing industry.

Even though the company strives to always manufacture high quality drones like the DJI Inspire, DJI Mavic, DJI Phantom 4, as well as the newly unveiled Matrice 200 series, one thing you can never overlook is how you’ll store and transport your drone. Really, who doesn’t want to take good care of their drone? Don’t we all want our gadgets to always look as good as new? Taking good care of your drone also means elongated performance life, right?

So, what would you need to safely store or transport a drone? High quality foam inserts in your case.

If only there were statistics to show how many drones have broken as a result of poor transportation, you would be surprised to learn that cases and foam inserts are a must if you’re to get the best value for your money. Of course, when you purchase these drones, whether it’s the DJI Mavic, DJI Phantom 4 or the professional DJI Inspire, it will come with a case and foam insert. However, the quality of the casing isn’t the best you’d want for such a precious gadget.

Take for example, Phantom 4, the sexiest drone to have hit the market. This drone is both sleek and complex in build. It needs to be handled with great care if it’s to serve; and that calls for a fitting and good quality case and foam insert.

Just like these drones are made for precision vision, so should be the foam insert used to store them. Whether you just want a replacement, ready-made foam insert or you want a custom one, Cobra Foam Inserts and Cases has the capacity to deliver; a company known for producing some of the most forgiving foam inserts that can absorb a little more impact than your traditional inserts. The company makes its foam inserts using high quality materials, including, but not limited to, Polyurethane foam.

Then we have people who already have special cases for their drones and would only like to have a custom foam insert made for them. This might be tricky for a company that hasn’t made forays into the UAV technology industry, a deficiency that may result in the production of foams that don’t meet customers’ specifications. With Cobra Foam Inserts, however, you can be sure that their able staff coupled with Computer Numerical Control foam cutting technology will deliver to your intricate guidelines. 

See all our inserts for DJI drones here.

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