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custom cut foam inserts

Reasons to Choose Custom Cut Foam Inserts for Your Protective Cases

Protective cases protect your sensitive items from getting damaged or broken. But protective cases only protect your valuable items from damage on the outside of the container. For extreme protection, add custom foam inserts to your protective cases.

Customized foam inserts keep items properly in place within the protective case to protect against any shifting that can happen as the case moves. Let’s discuss the benefits of using custom case foam inserts.

Custom Protection
Customized foam case inserts are made to the exact size and shape of the contents of your protective case. Standard foam inserts have limited size options, which means your sensitive things will likely not be protected as well. Custom foam inserts keep even the most oddly shaped items safe.

A standard foam case insert can protect your items, but for complete peace of mind, you should have customized foam inserts that are made particularly to fit your sensitive items. Foam case inserts can be customized for different shapes and sizes, ranging from delicate computer parts to professional cameras and much more.

Precisely Fit
As mentioned above, standard foam inserts only come in a limited number of shapes and sizes. There may be a few options of case inserts to protect a camera, for example, but not every camera will fit that exact shape. Customized foam inserts offer exceptional protection to keep your valuables safe and protected.

If an item is stored in a foam insert that isn’t the right size, it can damage your item and lead to dust, dirt, and debris getting caught in between the item and the foam insert, just like how wearing shoes that are just slightly the wrong size allows dirt to enter, rub, and create blisters. Even small particles getting caught next to a foam case insert that doesn’t fit well can rub against the item and cause damage over time. Custom Cut Foam inserts offer a precise fit so that your sensitive items don’t move around and there isn’t room for debris to get in the way.

Your protective case can withstand the elements and lots of damage, but you can take it to the next level with durable custom case foam inserts. Superior foam case inserts act as shock-resistant, so whenever the protective case is knocked down, the dense foam absorbs some of the impacts, essentially creating a shockproof case.

Combined with the high protection design of the case, foam case inserts hold the items to protect them from even crashes and falls. To test this level of protection, protective cases are put through the drop test to see how well they protect your sensitive things when they are dropped from high in the air.

Generally, the case is dropped 10 times from a certain height and then inspected for damage. A protective case with custom foam inserts provides extreme drop protection and has much more successful drop tests than other cases, which tend to end the tests with damaged items.

Hire Professionals for Custom Cut Foam Inserts
Investing in flexible custom cut foam inserts can keep your valuable items protected against all kinds of damage and ensure that your belongings are safe. We offer a wide range of superior replacement foam inserts for your protective cases and dry boxes. Contact us today to know more about our Custom Cut Foam Inserts.

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