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Tips to Protect Your Gear in Pelican Cases

Tips to Protect Your Gear in Pelican Cases

Pelican cases are renowned for their durability and reliability in safeguarding valuable equipment in various industries, ranging from photography and videography to military and aerospace applications. These robust cases offer exceptional protection against the elements, impact, and rough handling. However, ensuring maximum protection for your gear inside Pelican cases requires strategic packing and the utilization of accessories such as custom foam inserts. Here are some tips to protect your gear effectively within Pelican cases:

Choose the Right Pelican Case

Selecting the appropriate Pelican case for your equipment is the first step in ensuring its protection. Consider factors such as size, weight, and the specific requirements of your gear. Pelican offers a wide range of case sizes and configurations to accommodate various equipment types and dimensions.

Use Replacement Foam Inserts

Customizing the interior of your Pelican case with replacement foam inserts is crucial for providing a snug and secure fit for your gear. Replacement foam inserts are designed to precisely fit the contours of your equipment, minimizing movement and preventing damage during transport. These inserts can be tailored to accommodate specific gear configurations, ensuring optimal protection.

Plan Your Packing Strategy

Before packing your gear into the Pelican case, carefully plan the layout to maximize space utilization and minimize potential damage. Place larger and heavier items at the bottom of the case to provide stability, while delicate and sensitive equipment should be positioned securely on top, away from potential impacts.

Use Protective Wrapping

For extra protection against scratches and abrasions, consider wrapping individual items in soft cloth or bubble wrap before placing them inside the Pelican case. This additional layer of padding helps cushion the gear and prevents surface damage during transit.

Secure Loose Components

Ensure that all loose components, such as cables, batteries, and small accessories, are securely fastened or stored in designated compartments within the Pelican case. This prevents them from shifting during transport and minimizes the risk of damage or loss.

Optimize Foam Placement

When using replacement foam for Pelican cases, pay attention to the placement and density of the foam inserts. Customize the foam layout to provide maximum protection for fragile areas of your gear, such as lenses, screens, and delicate electronic components.

Regularly Inspect and Maintain

Periodically inspect the condition of your Pelican case and foam inserts for any signs of wear or damage. Replace worn-out foam inserts or damaged components promptly to ensure continued protection for your gear.

Invest in Custom Foam Inserts

For specialized equipment or frequently transported gear, investing in custom foam inserts offers the highest level of protection. Custom foam inserts are tailored to the exact dimensions and specifications of your equipment, providing a precise fit and superior cushioning against impact and shock.

Handle with Care

While Pelican cases are built to withstand rough handling, it is essential to treat them with care during transport and storage. Avoid dropping or mishandling the case, and always use the integrated handles or optional shoulder straps for comfortable carrying.

Ensure High Protection with Foam Inserts

By investing in quality protective solutions, you can ensure that your valuable equipment remains safe during transit. Our foam inserts are designed to fit the exact dimensions of your tools or equipment, creating a shock-absorbent environment. Contact us today to know more about our durable foam inserts.

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