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What Type of Foam is Used For Gun Cases?

There are several different types of foam that you can use for your gun case.  The type of foam used would depend on the purpose and usage of the case.  Will you be traveling with it?  Ae you storing highly sensitive items in it?  Will it be used for long term storage? These are some of the questions you should consider when choosing the type of foam for your gun case.

Here we will briefly go over the 3 main types of foam that can be used for gun cases and any other case to protect your equipment.

The most common and well known type is foam is polyurethane.  This type of polyurethane, also referred to as PU, that is used in protective case, is a charcoal color foam that is usually between 1.3 and 1.5lb density.  It is considered an open cell foam.  We will go over densities another time.  (You could also email us at if you would like some more information about different densities.) This is a softer type of foam like the one you find in your couch cushions.  This is also the type of foam that usually comes in cases like Pelican and SKB from the factory.  PU foam is best for everyday use for sensitive equipment and protection.  It has good shock absorption if you have expensive optics on your rifle.  This will offer the best protection if the case is dropped or mishandled.

The second type of foam is polyethylene or PE.  This foam is a closed cell foam.  It is much more rigid than the polyurethane foam and does not have much give.  The benefits of PE foam is that it is not moisture absorbent which is great if you intend on using your case for long term storage.  It will also not stain and last longer than the softer polyurethane foam.  This foam is also good for heavier objects that might way the softer foam down.  PE foam is a little more expensive than the PU foam.

The third type of foam is called EVA.  EVA is also a closed cell foam but very different than polyethylene.  It has a very smooth finish and is also very rigid.  Eva foam is usually used for display cases and showcases due to the clean, smooth finish it has.  This foam is much pricier than the PU and PE and is not comely used for your everyday gun cases.

Weather you choose polyurethane, polyethylene or EVA, you can count on Cobra Foam Inserts and Cases to precisely cut your foam for your equipment.  Contact us at


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lowry wilson - June 30, 2020

I have a Pelican Rifle Case which I travel with and need to reshape for a new rifle and scope. The stock foam it came with is fine. What kind of foam is it?

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