Apache 3800 Range Case Foam Insert for 4 Handguns and Magazines (Foam ONLY)

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Apache 3800 case range case replacement custom foam insert with cutouts for 4 handguns and 8 magazines

Includes: Foam Insert Only

This insert is made of  closed cell polyethylene  foam.  This foam is much more forgiving and will absorb more impact.
1 Piece Polyurethane Convoluted Lid Foam.
1 Piece approximately 3.40" Thick with cutout. for handguns and magazines. (Made of 2 Layers)
1  Piece .50 thick base pad.  

We can also custom make you an insert for your one off case.
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Customer Reviews

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Steven R.
Apache 3800 Range Case Foam Insert for 4 Handguns and Magazines (Foam ONLY)

First purchase from Cobra Foam - I was looking for a much sturdier foam insert to replace the insert that came with my 3800 case and happened to find Cobra during an internet search. After reviewing their website I found the insert I had been looking for an placed my order. The transaction was easy, the insert is reasonably priced and delivery was faster than expected. The foam insert is made of a sturdy quality foam material that should provide many years of protective enclosure of my handguns during transport. Very impressed with the quality, the accurate fit within my 3800 case and Cobra's overall customer service - I will be a return customer!

Andy B.
Awesome insert

Super fast fulfillment. Great product. My guns are happy.

Makes the HF case into an actual gun case for convenient carry.

The original Apache case foam does not have enough strength to make it useful as a gun case and the result for me was a badly scratched handgun. This insert's much firmer protection also fit the box perfectly and allows carry of four guns (up to full 1911 size)that are well-protected against bumps and drops. Especially useful if you are carrying other people's firearms for range testing. The hard case is much handier for carrying to the range and walking down to the line, especially when I need to take more than two guns. I carry the chrono, eye/ear pro, ammo, and and other gear in the range bag. NOTE: The Ruger 22/45 with optic was too tall to allow the lid to close. I had to use the lighter factory foam lid insert to allow it to close. If I needed to carry guns with optics, I'd get the deeper Apache AND the insert from Cobra. Fast ship, too, thanks!

Matt R.
Full size guns

I'm very happy with the insert. It fits in the case perfectly. I will have to make some small adjustments so full size 1911 and Ruger American dont fit so tight. Also S&W 586 with 6 inch barrel will not fit at all. I do not want to modify enough to make it fit. Not a big deal. Overall very happy with the insert.


Darren B.
Foam insert for 4 guns Apache 3800

Fit my box like a charm, guns fit nicely and don't move around.
Happy with my purchase. Will definitely use Cobra again.
Picked up my order from their facility, staff were friendly and polite.