DJI Phantom 4 Drone Foam Inserts for Pelican Storm Case iM 2720

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This insert is made of polyurethane foam to fit the Pelican Storm Case Im 2720


1 Piece Convoluted Lid Foam

Phantom drone cutout

1 Piece Polyurethane .50" thick base pad.



#1 & #3 - Misc.

#2 - Controller.

#4 & #6 - 3 Batteries.

#7 - Cables and Accessories.

#8 - iPad up to 9.4" Wide.

#9 - 2 x SD Cards


Also available for these cases:

Pelican 1600

Pelican Storm iM 2700

Nanuk 945, 950

For larger cases there will be a up-charge due to the size of the foam.


We can also custom make you an insert for your one off case.

If you would like to get more information, please email us with your info at Contact Us.


Customer Reviews

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High Quality insert

The precision die cutting is exactly that, precision. Excellent fit and function. Packaging was tight and the foam cut-outs stay with the insert during shipment which helps keep its form without the smashing it goes through while in transit. Best price on the web and undoubtedly the best foam kit for the Phantom 4 in the Pelican Storm Case iM 2720.